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Ugly C-Section Scars

Ugly CSection Scars

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You are looking at my personal picture of my grotesque stomach, November 24th, 2001. This picture was taken almost 3 months after the stillbirth of my 3rd child (see links for more information). He was born by emergency csection, which obviously included a large vertical incision that has changed the shape and look of my abdomen forever. I'm realistic and don't expect to have a pretty belly after 3 babies (#1 & #2 were vaginal deliveries), but the scar....well, it speaks for itself. The smaller upper scars are from having my gall bladder removed on November 2nd, 2001.

On this site I hope to form a collection of csection scar pictures. If you would be willing to share your picture, anonymously if you'd like, please email it to me. I guess this site has no real purpose, maybe it will make someone who has a good csection scar feel a little better about themselves, when they see how bad they could look or another bad scar momma wouldn't feel so alone... Who knows!
My husband tells me it looks like I have a *butt* in the front now also, and well, it kinda's gross, I hate it and the reason why it's there...if I didn't laugh at his uncanny observation I'd have to cry, and I've done enough of that lately.


Check out my latest picture by clicking here -> Tara's Belly/Scar Now! New!!
It's uglier than before and that's after losing weight and going to the gym!

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos, I hope you weren't too disgusted! Please get in touch with any comments, reactions or if you're brave enough email me your photo for display on this site.

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