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Ugly C-Section Scars
Denise's Story and Pictures

My name is Denise, I had my section 5 months ago and I wanted to share my scar picture with you and others. My story goes like this......I had 7 great months of my 1st pregnancy, then I suddenly ballooned into a huge whale, I took pelvic arthrophity and was confined to bed at 35 weeks...that was fair enough but when I was released from hospital then took the dreaded pregnancy rash which started on my belly then ravaged the whole way through my body, I couldn't sleep or bear clothes near me and i had scratched my skin so much that i was bleeding everywhere. After a number of trips up to hospital for blood tests etc. they finally decided to bring me in again to see what could be done about this, they gave me a sedative to relieve me for some rest ( the sedative didn't work) , I was in agony and my skin was on fire. They decided the next morning to bring me up to delivery suite to start me off. After 2 days and three gels to try and start labour nothing happened!! C-Section was then decided ( I was 39 weeks)i was pretty relieved (and so was my husband) to know that my baby daughter was going to be finally born. The surgery itself was really weird , Leah weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, when they were putting me back together i went really funny and began retching then passed out, i don't really remember being wheeled back up to recovery. it was sore for weeks plus i took an infection in my womb, but i finally got better after 6 weeks. I have since took up regular exercise ( my weight ballooned up from 9stone 6lbs to 12stone 6lbs) i am now 9stone 1,1/2lbs  and hope to get right down to my correct weight for my height which is 8stone and 4lbs, i will do it i know that but i'm a little concerned to the exessive loose skin and loss of muscle tone in my abdomin. anyway leah is a real thriver and is doing so well , i love her to pieces and wouldnt change any of it for a second. i also have posted a photo of me 3 weeks before Leah was born just to give you an idea how massive i was!!. Denise (wrote 9/2/2004)