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My name is Kelly, I am 23 years old and had my first c-section on August 27, 2002. I was 2 weeks past my due date and was scheduled to be induced. The night before I was to be induced I went into labor on my own with my contractions only 5 minutes apart. I was in labor for 19 hours and pushed for 2 hours, nothing happened though. The doctor decided to do an emergency c-section because the baby was showing signs of distress also the doctors found out I had a constriction ring, its a ring that keeps the baby from being pushed out and with each contraction it holds the baby in. I was expecting not to feel the surgery because I watched a lot of c-sections on Discovery Health Channel's  program Birthday but my epidural was running out and I felt some of it. My baby came out and weighed 9 lbs much to the doctors surprise because I had only gained 18 lbs throughout my pregnancy and they were expecting my baby to be smaller then that. The pictures you see were taken about 3 months after the surgery. At first I was very depressed that they gave me a vertical incision because I feel my stomach is now ruined forever, I wish I could've at least got a bikini cut. I keep in mind that everything in life happens for a reason and the joy my son has given me outweighs any scar, for him I would've given an arm or leg. When he is older I can show him his "door" to life and the scar is just a reminder to me how truly blessed I am to have such a healthy, beautiful, perfect baby boy. I wouldn't change my experience for anything in this world. I am now 5 1/2 months pregnant again and due to have a repeat c-section on August 8, 2003. This time I requested I be given a bikini cut and the doctor OK'd it. I feel a bikini cut would heal better and this way each child can have it's own "door."  As soon as I take more pictures I will be glad to post them here. Lots of Luck to all the Mommy's out there.

Kellys scar at 23 weeks pregnant