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Tara and Marnie's Scar Pics

This is me - almost 3 months postpartum. Coming soon - pregnant belly/scar pictures!


Click to enlarge/more detail
Me, Tara, 15 weeks with #4

31 week belly post csection

If you want more pictures to look at some one is going to have to get the courage to send me theirs! They can be bikini scars also! Get those digital cameras out and send me a .JPG. Lots of people have viewed this site, surely someone would be willing to share their scar also?!?! You can send your picture anonymously, I can edit it (remove your face, blur other areas) or if you would like I would be happy to link your csection story or homepage to your picture! If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner, you can snail me a regular photo. Contact me at:

Marnie's Scar 2 years after