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Trying Again


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George Edward Jenkins II

TTC After Our Loss

Pregnancy Journal for #4

3:00 a.m. February 1st, 2002: Tested positive at this hour - praise God!! Edd of 10/8/2002. Check the link above for more information and a picture of my hpt!
January 28th, 2002: Well, almost the 29th and almost cycle day 30, if I ovulated around day 14 or 15, I would be 15 or 16dpo...but of course I really have no idea what is happening for sure. I am having a back-ache for the past couple of days, although it could be from all the painting we've done or of course PMS - again no idea. Will wait til Friday to test if I make it that far.
January 19th, 2002: Cycle day 20, had spotting again about ovulation time, think that was about day 14 which is early for me. Not really too optimistic since the spotting doesn't seem to be a good thing for me. Haven't been doing bbt this time. All 5 OPKs I took were positive, so frankly I'm rather clueless as to what's going on. I've got the flu today so....blahhh!
January 4th, 2002: A new year and a new cycle. Hoping and praying for success this month. 
December 30th, 2001: Cycle day 31, spot found me tonight, looks like tomorrow will be cycle 2 day 1. Very disappointed, what more can I say.
December 27th, 2001: Cycle day 28, positive OPK on day 15. Tested negative on Christmas day, but it was too early, only 9/10 dpo. For more detailed information please go to
December 12, 2001: Cycle day 13, negative OPK but feeling a little uncomfortable in the abdomen so have a feeling that something is going on in there....hopefully a big follie getting ready! I know better than to be getting to hopeful or excited but it's happening, and the possibility of pregnancy is making me anxious and giddy! Should be able to test around January 1st if this month continues as I think it will.
December 8, 2001: Well we are back at it again, after the tragic stillbirth of our fullterm son on August 31, 2001 we are in our first cycle of ttc#4! I've done bcps and Metformin 1500 mg for the past 3 months, but haven't been real faithful about taking the Met, just lazy I guess....and well, if you know why Metformin would be used while ttc, you probably know how often the potty trips are when taking it also...excuses, excuses...I know!! Today is cycle day 9 or a clomid 100 mg on days 5-9. I'll be using OPKs this cycle and wishing for quick success, that we may yet recieve another blessing from God but to hold onto for a little longer. You can view my basal body temperature chart for this month by clicking on the link I am getting ready to post - guessing it will be called BBT For This Month...!
December 7th, 2001: Well, it's cycle 1 ttc#4 and cycle day 8 with clomid 100 mg and Metformin when I remember to take it! Doing bbt and will also be using some OPKs. The possible conception would be around my birthday, now that would be a present!!

Wanna see my bbt chart? Click here!

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For more information about our personal history of getting pregnant and for links dealing with fertility issues, please check out the links page and visit the Jenkins Family Homepage.