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George Edward Jenkins II

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Am I Not A Mother?
by Gail Fasolo

Am I not a mother
On this Mother's Day?
I had a baby, but she's gone.
Death took her away.

Hopes and dreams have vanished
a happy time turned cold.
My motherhood-where is it now?
Gone? Or put on hold?

Am I not a mother
even though my child died?
Does anyone know my heartbreak
or the anguish felt inside?

Special gifts and flowers
but who'll remember me?
As I stand and shed some tears
at your graveside where I'll be.

Mother's Day-so painful
but I will make it through.
Yes, I am a mother!
but God takes care of you.


Little Angels

When God calls little children to dwell with Him above, We mortals sometimes question the wisdom of His love; For no heartache compares with the death of one small child. Who does so much to make our world seem wonderful and mild, Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to His fold,
So he picks a rosebud before it can grow old;
God knows how much we need them, and so He takes but a few, To make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view. Believing this is difficult still somehow we must try, The saddest word mankind knows will always be "Good-bye". So when a little child departs, we who are left behind, Must realize God loves children. Angels are hard to find.

Author Unknown

Just Say "I'm Sorry"

- Gail Fasolo

You don't know how I feel

Please don't tell me that you do.

There's just one way to know -- have you lost a child too?

"You'll have another child!" -- must I hear this each day?

Can I get another mother, too, if mine should pass away?

Don't say it was "God's will" --

That's not the God I know.

Would God on purpose break my heart,

Then watch as my tears flow?

"Aren't you better yet?"

Is that what I heard you say?

NO! A part of my heart aches --

I'll always feel some pain.

You think that silence is kind,

But it hurts me even more.

I want to talk about my child

Who has gone through death's door.

Don't say these things to me,

Although you do mean well.

They do not take the pain away;

I must go through this hell.

I will get better slow but sure --

And it helps to have your near.

But a simple "I'm sorry you lost your child"

Is all I need to hear.

Child Did Exist
Author Unknown

I've lost one child, I hear myself say,
And the person I'm talking to just turns away.
Now why did I tell them, I don't understand.
It wasn't for sympathy or to get a helping hand.
I just want them to know we've lost something dear.
I want them to know that our child was here.
He left something behind which no one can see.
He made just two people into a family.
So if I've upset you I'm sorry as can be.
You'll have to forgive me, I could not resist.
I just want you to know that our child did exist.

Visitor from Heaven

A visitor from heaven, if only for a while,
A gift of love to be returned
We think of you and smile.

A visitor from heaven accompanied by grace
Reminding of a better love and of a better place.
With aching hearts and empty arms
we send you with a name
It hurts so much to let you go,
but were so glad you came.

Theres a special angel in heaven
that is a part of me
It is not where I wanted him,
but where God wanted him to be.

He was here but just a moment
like a night time shooting star
And though he is in heaven
He isn't very far

He touched the heart of many
like only an angel can do
I would've held him more often
if the end I only knew.

So I send this special message
to the heavens up above,
please take care of my angel,
and send him all my love.

Where Do Balloons Go Mommy When You Set Them Free?

Where do Balloons go Mommy when you set them free?
                                    Do they float into clouds or get stuck in a tree?
                                    Do they fly high in the sky or get popped by a bee?
                                    Do they soar with the birds and the bugs in the air,
                                    Or stay close to the ground and get chased by a bear?
                                    Does the wind blow them out over the big blue ocean?
                                    Or do they climb up and over small hills and big mountains?
                                    Do they go out into space and circle the stars,
                                    And then fall back to earth after traveling so far?
                                    Or does God collect them all in a big bouquet,
                                    And give them to children in heaven each day?
                                    Where do Balloons go Mommy when you set them free?
                                    I hope they go to Heaven as a gift from Me!

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor, yes, the news is bad.

It's really not your day.

Now you have to tell her.

What are you going to say?

She knows about all those degrees

You have hung on your wall.

She looks to you for expertise ...

That's why she made the call.

She knows you have the knowledge.

She knows you are no fool.

But do they teach compassion

In your medical school?

You want to be professional.

And somehow, shield your heart.

But what you have to tell her

Is tearing her apart.

Please take the curtain from your eyes,

Please don't try to hide.

Please let her know you're sorry

Her little one has died.

Don't close off all your feelings.

Let her know you care.

It's OK to shed a tear,

or even show despair.

Please Doctor, let her know

You have feelings, too.

And that her baby's life

Was important to you.

She will have some questions

And she will need to cry,

And she will hope you'll tell her

How this happened, and why.

You may not have the answers.

But take the time today

To cry with her and listen

To what she has to say.

Please Doctor, if it's not too much,

And if you wouldn't mind,

Just take an extra moment

Please Doctor.

Please be kind.

- Gwen Flowers

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