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Our Second Pregnancy - edd 4/6/2000

Finally Pregnant! After 1.5 years of trying to conceive number two, we have done it again! With the help of our wonderful doctor, who was a tool in God's hand. This pregnancy is definately another miracle from God and we are so thankful. This cycle was the first after 3 months of birth control pills and metformin 1500 mg. I took clomid 100 mgs, days 5-9. Had an u/s on cd 13 that showed a dominant follicle at 25 and several others in the teens. I had a ++ OPK on CD 17 accompanied with pretty severe ovulatory pain. Never had any real noticeable cervical mucus either. Temps showed ovulation also. My 7dpo (days past ovulation) progesterone test came back at only 13.3. I've taken 25 mg progesterone suppositories 2x a day since ovulation. Tested positive on 15dpo, in the evening with an EPT. Line didn't come up right away but did within one minute and got darker and darker!

EDD based on LMP is April 6, 2000. George's and my wedding anniversary.

August 21st, 1999: First OB appt. Dr. said uterus size is good. EDD by his calculations (lmp) is April 7th, they didn't figure in leap year! I think it is a couple of days later since I didn't ovulate till CD 17 though. Had blood drawn at hospital, horrible experience like usual - I am Mrs. Veinless, finally drawn out of my hand. Not much else besides chit-chat. I love going to this doctor, private practice, not a group. Makes such a big difference. They *know* our names by heart and really seem to care.

August 24th, 1999: First U/S. ONE baby! And ONE wonderful HEARTBEAT! Baby measured 7 weeks, a few days off of ovulation based EDD. U/S tech said new due date would be 4/11, but that could change also. Heart was beating at 130 bpms, which is fine for this early. We even got to hear it! How amazing! Such a miracle from God! So relieved at the beautiful sight of our baby, makes it seem so much more real! Only problem was a huge cyst on my right ovary from the fertility drugs. They said it should dissipate though with time. And I will probably get another u/s about 12w weeks to make sure. She said that also would be a cause of my frequent backaches. The u/s tech was super nice, and sooo happy to see us in there as OB patients instead of infertility.

First U/S pic - August 24th, 1999

September 18th, 1999: 2nd OB appointment went well, gained 3 pounds and heard the heartbeat (FHR 150), it was very reassuring even though we have heard it before with the BabyBeat doppler we rented. I love the doppler, even though half of the time I can't find the heartbeat then spend my time worrying until we do again.

October 16th, 1999: OB appointment at 15 weeks 2 days. Blood pressure was a little lower than usual, which is great since it is usually high. And unbelievably lost 3 pounds. So I guess I have broke even so far. Heard heartbeat again, this time it was all the way up near my belly button. Doctor said uterus is measuring about a week big. Scheduled our next appointment for November 9th (18w5d) that is when we will also get our big u/s. George is on vacation that week so it worked out well. I don't want to know the sex and he is still undecided, I've left the decision up to him since it will be his birthday. He hasn't told me what he has decided, so we will find out in a few more weeks. I have lab work papers to get the glucose tolerance test and a 24 hour creatine test...yuck...that means keeping a big yellow jug of pee in the fridge all day.

October 31st, 1999: Sent the Babybeat doppler back yesterday, I am having some major separation anxiety over this. Good thing our next appointment is only 10 days away. Still not real sure about movement yet, I thought I was having some at 15 weeks, but then after a couple of days it quit so I decided that probably wasn't the baby but I still get those flutters every now and then, which is probably the baby, but I am just looking for something more definate and regular. It can't be long now though, I keep telling myself it will be any day...17w3d today. Still haven't gone for the lab work yet, but will this week. I dread seeing the scales already after all of this Halloween candy.

November 9th, 1999: Another OB appointment over with, blood pressure was great (for me anyway!), it was 130/68 and I only gained 1/2 pound - which I could hardly believe after all of these birthday parties and Halloween candy. My early glucose test came back wonderful, but we will repeat closer to 28 weeks. Doctor didn't have anything much to say except things are going great and we didn't have any questions so it was a short visit. The exciting part came before though at our ultrasound. The baby measured perfectly, with a strong heartbeat (158 bpm). The placenta was up nice and high, my cervix was really long. And the baby was moving all around! We had decided we would look at the crotch shot of the baby and if we could tell the sex that would be great and if we couldn't that would be great also. When we got to that point, she asked us if we wanted to know the sex, we both looked at the screen and it was quite obvious - there was no doubt about it. BOY!!! George and I both assumed it was a girl, since his brother had 3 girls plus I figured with his low sperm count that would increase our chances for having a girl, and he had had a dream long ago that we had three girls. We were both overwhelmed and still can't get over it. We called all of our family and they are thrilled since this will be the first boy on both sides. Now I am so unprepared! I have everything for a girl from Olivia, but now we will have start all over! How exciting! Just like with her though when we found out the gender made this little person seem so much more real. I think this will be good though, we will be able to introduce not just the belly/baby to Olivia but a baby brother - Owen Scott to her in the next four months. Happy, happy, happy!

Dec. 2nd, 1999: Another OB appointment down. Took Olivia by myself, she was an angel - I couldn't believe how well behaved she was, surprised the time out of me! Blood pressure was excellent again (another nice surprise)!, Gained 1.5 lbs, not to bad after the Thanksgiving holiday, so up to a total of 3 lbs now. Baby was measuring perfect and according to Dr. B, I have a nice *bulge*. Had trouble finding the baby's heartbeat since he wouldn't hold still, but we finally got a quick listen. Dr said he felt the baby move 5-10 times in the short period of time trying to find the heartbeat, I don't know how because I didn't feel a thing! He said the baby was the most active 22 weeker he has seen. In general a good appointment.

Dec. 30th, 1999: Regular 4 week OB appt. Took Olivia again, wasn't too bad except the doctor was running behind because of surgery. Blood pressure was good for me again at 140/70. Did not gain any weight at all, quite suprising after the Christmas holiday. Heartrate was 130, baby measured right on also. Next appt. is Jan. 15th, on a Saturday so George can go, down to every two week visits now. Only 14 weeks to go, as short as 11 if he comes early like Olivia. Owen did well for Christmas, he now has plenty of clothes to get started on, now we just need to stock up on diapers.

January 15th, 2000: Visits every two weeks now. BP was good, little weight gain. Heartrate was good, baby measured good. Asked doctor for additional u/s to ease my worrying mind. Will get one on the 19th.

Jan. 19th, 2000: Went for u/s today and feel sooo much better seeing him again. George had to work so took dad and Olivia. Owen measured perfectly, estimated weight of 3lbs. Got a good picture of his foot (will add below below later). Only not so great thing is his position, he is head up, butt way down on my cervix. Such a relief! This is going to have to last me the next 8-11 weeks! It's getting so close I can hardly believe it! Still feels like August and I can hardly believe I am even pregnant, now it's almost the end of January and won't be much longer until we welcome our new baby!

February 5th, 2000: 31 week appointment, nothing special. Doctor said he is head down now, let's hope he stays that way! Gained 1 lb, and blood pressure was 120/64, which I can still barely believe! Still have a feeling he is not as big as he should be, I just feel like I am so much smaller this time compared to Olivia. Go back to the doctor in two weeks.

March 4th, 2000: Missed updating the last couple of appointments. Had 35+ week appointment today. Baby is dropped. BP was up a little higher than usual. Go back in two weeks since doctor is going on vacation. George checked my cervix last night, I am very soft and dilated a little (that is according to Dr. George of course!). Getting really anxious to labor and deliver, hopefully it won't be much longer!

Nov. 9, 1999 - Hand and face picture

Legs and Penis picture - Daddy is very proud!

January 19th, 2000 - Owen's foot

Not very clear but, sucking on hand picture


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