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Our Second Pregnancy - EDD 4/6/2000!


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Finally Pregnant! After 1.5 years of trying to conceive number two, we have done it again! With the help of our wonderful doctor, who was a tool in God's hand. This pregnancy is definately another miracle from God and we are so thankful. This cycle was the first after 3 months of birth control pills and metformin 1500 mg. I took clomid 100 mgs, days 5-9. Had an u/s on cd 13 that showed a dominant follicle at 25 and several others in the teens. I had a ++ OPK on CD 17 accompanied with pretty severe ovulatory pain. Never had any real noticeable cervical mucus either. Temps showed ovulation also. My 7dpo (days past ovulation) progesterone test came back at only 13.3. I've taken 25 mg progesterone suppositories 2x a day since ovulation. Tested positive on 15dpo, in the evening with an EPT. Line didn't come up right away but did within one minute and got darker and darker!

Temps were, CD 7 - 97.7, CD 8 - 97.3, CD 9 - 97.5, CD 10 - 97.1, CD 11 - N/A, CD 12 - 97.3, CD 13 - 97.7, CD 14 - 97.1, CD 15 - 97.5, CD 16 - 97.7, CD 17 - 96.9 + OPK, CD 18 - 97.5, CD 19 - 100.0, CD 20 - 98.9, CD 21 - 98.0, CD 22 - 98.0, CD 23 - 98.3, CD 24 - 98.1, CD 25 - 98.4, CD 26 - 98.4, CD 27 - 98.2, CD 28 - 98.2, CD 29 - 97.9, CD 30 - 98.3, CD 31 - 98.2, CD 32 - 97.7, CD 33 - 98.4.

Symptoms were: Bluish veins more noticeable on breasts, also a little swollen and tender. Nipples darker and sensitive. Cervical mucus has been sticky, thick and yellowish. Cervix is low and soft. Lots of burping! Slight indigestion. Lower backache. Trouble sleeping.

EDD based on LMP is April 6, 2000. George's and my wedding anniversary.

August 21st, 1999: First OB appt. Dr. said uterus size is good. EDD by his calculations (lmp) is April 7th, they didn't figure in leap year! I think it is a couple of days later since I didn't ovulate till CD 17 though. Had blood drawn at hospital, horrible experience like usual - I am Mrs. Veinless, finally drawn out of my hand. Not much else besides chit-chat. I love going to this doctor, private practice, not a group. Makes such a big difference. They *know* our names by heart and really seem to care.

August 24th, 1999: First U/S. ONE baby! And ONE wonderful HEARTBEAT! Baby measured 7 weeks, a few days off of ovulation based EDD. U/S tech said new due date would be 4/11, but that could change also. Heart was beating at 130 bpms, which is fine for this early. We even got to hear it! How amazing! Such a miracle from God! So relieved at the beautiful sight of our baby, makes it seem so much more real! Only problem was a huge cyst on my right ovary from the fertility drugs. They said it should dissipate though with time. And I will probably get another u/s about 12w weeks to make sure. She said that also would be a cause of my frequent backaches. The u/s tech was supernice, and sooo happy to see us in there as OB patients instead of infertility.

I can't wait to start wearing all those maternity clothes again! Happy days are here again!!!

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